Earlier today an alligator walked itself inside of ANECA Federal Credit Union on Youree Drive in Shreveport, Louisiana.
During the panic and chaos that ensued, what some would call an unlikely hero came to the rescue of Members and staff.
ANECA’s own Chairman of the Board of Directors, Lynn Lyle, quickly and quite effortlessly took control of the unwanted guest.

Mr. Lyle told the staff and Members there that this alligator in particular looked like it just needed a nice, warm hug. Lynn went on to say that ANECA is proud to call Caddo, Bossier, & Desoto Parishes its home and if the Alligator did want to become an ANECA Member it’s not actually against the Credit Union’s Charter. After a brief conversation with the remaining staff- while holding the alligator, Mr. Lyle loaded the reptile into his vehicle and later released at an undisclosed location.

The alligator is believed to come from the nearby Duck Pond on Kings Highway, about 2 miles away. These animals have been known to travel many miles away from water but could have also gotten lost in one of the neighborhood ditches. In 2020, an alligator was killed by a vehicle on Preston Road between Captain Shreve Drive and Knight Street, which is a short distance from ANECA. This did raise some concern about the state of the bodies of water in the Broadmoor area and where some of the Duck Pond’s feathered residents had disappeared to around that same time.

ANECA Federal Credit Union, living people everywhere, and this publication do not recommend getting near live alligators. Please note the date of this article’s posting.