More fun than formal

It’s simple, really. We put our heads together and asked, “How would we like to be treated?” The answer became the blueprint for ANECA’s culture. A culture that’s more casual than corporate. More fun than formal. More you than us. We’re Different that Way.

Our Promise

We promise to continually strive to make a difference in the community. To provide a new and unexpected level of commitment and involvement with our members and their individual needs.

Our fun but professional culture allows us to build a distinctive and lasting relationship with each and every one of our unique members, and to create a banking experience that’s not so “bank like.”


We Love Our Community

The way we look at it, our community is an ANECA member, too. That’s why, in addition to being there for our members, we support the health and growth of our community through a variety of community-building initiatives like our Pay it Forward program, our school program and our business start-up awards.

We’d love to tell you more of our story, please contact a Member Service
Representative at (318) 698-6000. Or if you prefer: Old School, Face to Face