When you want to borrow money for a new home, braces for junior, that fancy red garage queen or start that hip new coffee shop and you want flexible terms, great rates, and amazing service…you want ANECA!

Whether for planned or unplanned expenses, if you need a little extra cash, come in and speak to one of our loan officers today or click the link below and Apply Today.

In the SBC, we mean business! From new businesses to well-established companies, if you need a business loan, we are ready to be your partner!

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Welcome home to great rates. ANECA has loans for all things mortgage, all under one roof, and a loan process that’s as simple as it gets…

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You can use the equity in your home to improve your home! A Home Equity Line of Credit is easy to open and gets you the funds you need for repairs or remodels, or just about anything on your wish list.

Trey Culverhouse headshot Call Trey Culverhouse, Mortgage Loan Originator at 318-698-6312 or email him at, to see how we can save you money!

NMLS: ANECA 403632, Trey Culverhouse 106308
Get more mileage for your money with great-rate loans for new, used, non-traditional or classic vehicles.

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Call or stop by to visit with a Member Service Representative about financing your next vehicle or refinancing your current vehicle. Ask about purchasing GAP, Extended Warranty, Credit Life or Credit Disability Insurance through us to save you even more money at the dealership!


Whether your idea of fun is relaxing on the lake or taking to the open road, we can put you behind the wheel of whatever drives your dreams.

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ANECA Fast Cash is a $500 payday alternative loan for qualifying Members that cost less than traditional payday loans and gives you more time to repay.

We understand that from time-to-time Members need cash fast. ANECA wants to help you avoid the high interest and early repayment traditional payday loans require.

That’s why we’re offering ANECA FAST CASH.

MasterCard® Credit Card

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Consolidate and save.

Save Money by Transferring Your Higher Balances to the ANECA MasterCard® Credit Card!

You could pay off your account balances faster and have money left over each month by moving your higher credit card rate and balances over to your ANECA Federal credit card.

It will be hard to find a credit card that has a lower rate, lower fees. a reasonable grace period and great Member services.

To apply now, click the button and choose MasterCard Credit Card from the Loan Type Menu.

 * APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Some restrictions apply. Membership & approved credit required. Limited time offer. The APR* for which you may qualify is based on your credit worthiness. Minimum monthly payment for all credit card types is 2% of the outstanding balance or $20, whichever is greater.
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