Get the house warming party started

At ANECA, we think the terms of your mortgage should make you as comfortable as your new castle. You’ll make memories there, and your first memory should be the great rate you got. With our current mortgage rates, now is a great time to buy, refinance, or even remodel your home. You’ll love how we work hard to process loans designed to welcome you home, so you can get onto wrestling with the bigger issues like pink flamingoes or gnomes.


If you are interested in refinancing, you may find that shaving as little as a half percentage point off your mortgage–or simply shortening the loan’s duration–will save you money in the long run. You could bring down your rate and your payments. Let us see what we can do.

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Call a loan officer at ANECA Federal (318) 698-6000, to see how we can save you money! Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Numbers: ANECA 403632 and Cheryl Gordon 768649.

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