Getting on good financial footing is something most American adults are passionate about. If you are unsure about how to achieve your financial goals, attending financial counseling is a great idea. One of the main things you will learn in financial counseling is what a great investment a home is. Modern homebuyers have more tools than ever before designed to make investing in a residential property easier. 

Over six million people buy homes in the United States every year. One of the biggest perks that come with owning a home is the ability to build equity. Below is information about home equity and how you can use a home equity line of credit. 

What is Home Equity? 

The difference between how much you owe on your mortgage and what your home is actually worth is referred to as equity. The amount of equity your home has can increase in one of two ways. The first way involves you paying down your mortgage. The lower your mortgage balance gets, the higher your equity will become. 

If home values in your area drastically increase, there is also a possibility that your equity will rise. However, your home’s equity can fall if real estate values in your area drop quickly. 

Accessing Your Home’s Equity

One of the best ways to access the equity you have is by securing a home equity line of credit. When taking a home equity line of credit, you are basically borrowing against the equity your home has. As you start to pay back this line of credit, the equity value of your home will also increase. If you are interested in exploring your home equity line of credit options, you can prequalify here.

Great Ways To Use Your Home Equity Line of Credit 

Once you are approved for a home equity line of credit, your main focus should be spending this money wisely. Putting this money into things that will provide long-term benefits is crucial.  

Spend Money On Home Improvements

Perhaps the most common use for a home equity line of credit is home improvements. The older a home gets, the more problems you will ultimately encounter. Using this money to have a new roof installed or to upgrade your HVAC system is a great idea. Not only will these upgrades make your home more comfortable, they will also add value to your residence. 

Invest This Money Into Debt Consolidation

Acquiring debt is something the average American adult is familiar with. High interest debts should be paid off as quickly as possible to avoid losing money. Generally, a home equity line of credit will have a lower interest rate than most credit cards. This is why using this loan as a way to consolidate high-interest debt is a wise move. 

Are you interested in a home equity line of credit? If so, ANECA Federal Credit Union is here to help.