ANECA Member Service

Early ACH

Get access to your direct deposit in 48 hours. *

What is Early ACH?

Early ACH is a way for you to gain access to your reccurring direct deposit funds faster.

Essentially, ANECA will be acting in “good faith” to our Members that their direct deposit(s) will clear.

Why Choose Early ACH?

Whether you need funds early for an emergency or just the occasional convenience, ANECA is here for you.

Early ACH is not a reoccurring fee, you only pay when you use it, and it cannot be set to automatic.

It is designed to be there only when you need it.

To use Early ACH there is a $5 Fee per transaction.

How Do I Use Early ACH?

Log into your It’sMe247 account.  Go to the Pay & Transfer tab then click on View/Edit Scheduled Transfers. You will see your list of scheduled direct deposits. By clicking “Post Now” you are accessing the Early ACH Feature.

On the next screen you will select a Fee Account that the $5 transaction fee will be paid from and be prompted to read the Instant Deposit disclosure statement and choose the account you would like the funds to be deposited into.

At that time the pending ACH deposit is posted, and the funds are available to the Member. If you have have any distributions tied directly to this deposit, those will post early as well.

Any automatic funds transfers will happen at their normally scheduled time.

*Some restrictions apply to Member access of Early ACH. To discuss your Membership and accessing Early ACH for your accounts please email and a representative will reach out to you as soon as possible.