Cha-Ching is ANECA’s New RoundUp Feature to make saving simple.

How Cha-Ching works

The more you swipe, the more you save.

When you activate Cha-Ching on your ANECA Checking Account, every time you use your ANECA Debit Card your transaction is RoundUp to the nearest dollar and the difference is sent from your ANECA Checking to your ANECA Savings Account of your choice.

Send a little Cha-Ching to your

  • Holiday Savers Account
  • Vacation Fund
  • Opportunity/Emergency Fund
  • Any other ANECA Savings Account!

At the end of every day you make a purchase, you’ll see how much Cha-Ching (your extra change) was moved from your ANECA Checking to your ANECA Savings.

Start Now!

Add the Cha-Ching Savings Feature to your ANECA Checking and link it to your ANECA Savings.

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