Battle high rates with RateSafe Auto Loans from ANECA.

We’ll lower your rate and payment over the first 2 years, automatically.*

Don’t let the fear of missing out on a lower interest rate and payment in the future prevent you from buying a vehicle now.

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*RateSafe Auto Loan program available only for new Auto Loans to the Credit Union (refinance or purchase) with an origination date on or after December 9, 2022; for well-qualified borrowers only. Each year in the months of June and December the Credit Union will automatically review Auto Loans with loan origination dates starting from December 9, 2022, determining Auto Loans that qualify for a lower rate based on prime and member qualifications at time of review. Auto Loans that qualify for RateSafe will receive a lower rate and lower monthly payment based on prime and the loan amortization. Auto Loans will be reviewed within the RateSafe program over the first 24-months/2-years from the Auto Loan’s qualifying origination date. Those members who qualify for RateSafe will be notified of their lowered rate and monthly payment via email or phone call. The RateSafe program does not affect a member’s credit score and will never result in a rate or payment increase. All Auto Loans originated from December 9, 2022, will automatically be reviewed – no opt-in requirements. Members may request to opt-out of the RateSafe program at any time by contacting the Credit Union. The Credit Union may alter or cease the RateSafe program at any time and at the Credit Union’s discretion. Other restrictions may apply. Contact the Credit Union for full details.